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Burn out

Stress is healthy to perform. It makes an important contribution to your motivation to achieve your goals. But traditionally intended to survive in emergency situations. Stress is also an attack on your body. So it is very important to regularly unstress. That gives your body and mind a chance to recover.

Too long exposure to mental and/or physical overload increases the risk of health damage. It often comes out in the form of a Burnout. Body and mind are exhausted and give up (temporarily).

Read more about the phenomena of an approaching Burn out.

Unfortunately, this is increasingly common in our society today. Various studies show that the rate of mental health problems is still rising. In both private and work situations, the number of people who are working increasingly poorly is increasing. Problems with concentration, relationship, industrial conflicts, work are no longer able to oversee and especially very tired.

Things have to change

In order to recover from to much stress or Burnout it is necessary to make changes. That can be in the work, ranging from working conditions to a new job.

Or are the private circumstances the cause of the over-stressing.

Sometimes it gives relief when you do things differently. So that, sometimes quite harsh conditions, have less negative impact. For example, become more resilient to negative reactions from other people.

In order to bring about your change, it is nice to get expert help with that. You have to do it yourself, but not alone. Help in understanding yourself and the circumstances. How do you start the change and make the right choices.

Recover on Tenerife

Overstrained people are often in a negative circle. To break that circle we offer the ideal conditions in the green north of the Canary Island of Tenerife. Literally and figuratively distance yourself from the daily worries. The hotel is set in a beautiful park and overlooks the old harbor town of Puerto de la Cruz. A charming town where you can still enjoy the real Canarian atmosphere.

Personal guidance

All inclusive and in a safe environment working together to create a new structure, energy balance and a positive mindset ensure that you can look to the future with confidence.

Only coaching:

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