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Everyone knows moments in his or her life, that it is out of the flow. A moment of unbalance in the pillars work, personal and personality. We offer these people a way of thinking about their future. Working together on your personal development, sparing on daily challenges, increasing confidence. Finding the right balance so you can look forward to the future with confidence.

For overview of education and work experience see LinkedIn profile Peter Zaal.

Peter Zaal and Bertina Heerschop

Peter Zaal and Bertina Heerschop

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NOBCO Nedrlandse orde van beroepscoaches
EMCC European Mentoring & Coaching Cousil
The Global Code of Ethics For Coaches, Mentors, and Supervisors

We are a member of the Dutch Order of Professional Coaches, because we value quality. In addition, we endorse the NOBCO Code of Ethics and comply with the complaints regulations. This offers extra security for you as a customer.